Hello From Houston …



We had an amazing time at the Johnson Space Center Houston … followed by a stay with an incredible family, and a pioneer festival.  New posts will be about mid week, as we hop down to San Antonio then we are off again … photos coming soon!

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First Time Visited By A Cardinal


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My son and I were in our room sitting opposite each other, suddenly he pointed at the window, “Mom! … you missed it.” his voice dripping with disappointment.  I had already followed his finger to the window and saw a cardinal sitting looking in at us.  Though I was quick with my camera, he was more quick with finding a more secluded branch… I have a tendency for finding the more camera shy of creatures.



I Never Travel Without My Sarong


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Everyone knows that a sarong can be used to make a sexy skirt, dress, or beach cover. Did you know it also makes a decent light weight towel? Ok have you ever thought about this … moquitoes love an open window, especially if there are holes in the screen …or better yet, no screen at all. The only options would be to leave the window open, and be a most nom worthy meal …or close everything up and slowly baste in your own juices. No! Wait. I’m clever, and I have a sarong … checkmate mosquitoes. Haha!

I had partly used tubes of toothpaste, and antibiotic ointment that secured the top of the sarong to the window. The baby powder and rubbing alcohol, were bought locally and placed on the window sill to close gaps and keep out most flying insects [also meaning the window couldn’t be fully open].

Can you think of other uses? Comment below … I just might have to try some.

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Cool Place for a Hot Day [pix]


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The days are finally starting to cool off [a little] people are running around Austin with long sleeves and sweaters … signalling to me that I will not have to worry about getting heat stroke if we set foot outside for more than five minutes.

When we first arrived in Austin the days were much MUCH hotter and the greenbelts and waterways offered a wee bit of relief while we were wandering the city…

Marching to the beat of a [different] different drum

There have been many people who think we are travelling in an RV, and I understand the reason for misconception. There are quite a few nomadic families and the majority of them [US at least] seem to choose an RV or something similar.  I admit a wee bit of jealousy … especially after fifteen hours of riding Greyhound Bus

… or finding myself in an area with minimal public transit and the nearet grocery over two miles away.  However, having the freedom to hop a jet, sailboat … or even a horse and not have to leave anything behind … that to me is a feeling of freedom which is beyond priceless.

Often, when people learn that we aren’t in an RV, they start imagining us hiking between destinations … sleeping in tents.  While that may be something we do as an aside venture, it is far from our routine.  What we actually do is use public and mass transit … and occasionally our feet.  Once we are at a destination we may stay in a hostel, or grab a house sitting gig, there are temporary rooms for rent and I am discovering many opportunities through Intentional Communities [think eco-villages] and have heard that there are a growing number of hosts for couch surfing families.

I like staying in a different place each month [or week, or…] and don’t think that living in a tin box on wheels would be quite my style.

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I’m a blogger now! Look at me go!


The fact that you’re reading this either means I do have friends[!] …  that, or you are probably completely lost. [kidding!]  Since this is my first post I suppose it should be kind of an intro,  for anyone who doesn’t know me… for those of you who followed me *cough*stalkers*cough* then just look past the words to the cool pictures I took.

I’m Jezzie, my 11yo son [theKid] and I are travelling the US …with little ventures to more exotic locations.  I really enjoy taking pictures, so this will be mostly a photo-journal of our Tour American Style.  Should I mention that my sense of humour is a bit …odd[?] or have you figured that part out yet?
I am glad that a picture is worth a thousand words, because I am not big on writing long blog posts.  You know happiest behind the lens kind of person and stuff.

So, like I said … not much writing, but if there’s something you want to know leave me a comment with your question and I might edit this post to give a more descriptive assessment of who we are.

Oooh! Pictures!

theKid found this little ‘lady’ hiding in plain sight

theKid loves leaf boats

the tree is making faces at me

I will be adding an imagine-ary with cities, states, and events that we want to attend … and as they become possible/probable I will add them to our itinerary.


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